Who watches the watchmen (WANK) ?

Here we are then at the edge again. Waiting patiently, quietly as good caring citizens should for our government to protect us from ourselves. Protect us from our right to make informed decisions of what we content we might want to view.

I am of course talking about the impending blockage in the UK of pornographic content on the web. ISP’s are been forced to block any websites that don’t comply with get somewhere between a £250,000 fine or up to 5% of their annual turnover. This is still in flux at the time of writing which at this late hour in the process is totally insane. Whats more insane however is that the BBFC will be regulating what is defined as ‘adult content’ – read porn. Of course I want someone else to decide for me what I should see. We have to protect the children right?

Isn’t that what is been used as one of the major drivers for this censorship? For stripping us of even more of our rights? We have to protect the children, its our responsibility to make sure that they don’t see porn. Stop and thinking a second though… isn’t that the responsibility of the childs parents? Maybe if they stopped sharing pictures of dogs and cats and posting drivel on social media they would have to spend some time doing their job. Maybe it was the porn they viewed one cold evening that lead to little Jimmy getting conceived and society having to protect him.

Think about this though. The Digital Economy Act gives our government the power to block websites en-masse without court orders. Yet we live in a democracy. If you don’t see whats happening here maybe you should step away from your TV, put down your phone and instead of reading what you 317 ‘friends’ are having for tea look at what is happening to us. Sure porn is the first step, its bad for us. It’s bad for our children. In a couple of years it will be violent video games that are bad again and we can ban those easily online now. What about posts like this, having an opinion that is different to their plan, that speaks out. The freedom to share thoughts – thats dangerous we don’t want the kids getting indoctrinated. Lets quietly ban those kinds of things too.

Is it really this bad? Yes it is. Is there anything you can do? Yes of course there is. Make yourself aware, put your phone down read what gets put out there while you still have that liberty. Understand that you can make a difference. In a world of mind numbing social noise helping quiet the continual culling of our civil liberties be a voice shouting as loud as you can to not let this happen. Do you want to be told what you should be allowed to see. Do you want to give your details to someone else when you want to look at porn? Who could get access to that? Could it be used against you? Information is totally safe online right? Hacks never happen.

Privacy is a right don’t let them take anything else away from us.  You will thought wont you. But thats ok so long as you can see pictures of pugs and watch another bunch of z list celebrities eat a bug on an island someone you’re happy to sit on your sofa give drink wine and ignore it all.

After all we have to protect the children right?

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