It's likely if you've arrived here you have had a chance to watch the three short videos giving a little background to the project and myself. If not though you can find Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 in these linked posts or on my YouTube Channel.

A little background

After living here in Bradford all my life (almost 40 years now) it can be hard constantly hearing in the media how much of a bad place the city is. Granted like any city Bradford does have issues but we also have many areas great beauty. Take Goit Stock, or, Shipley Glen both places of great natural beauty. Beyond the diverse mix of wonderful scenery, Bradford is steeped in a rich history from the industrial revolution and that is just for starters. Already I'm sure you can see there is more to the city than just the negative things reported in the news.

So what's the plan?

My aim then is to produce, shoot and edit a self-made amateur documentary which I have titled "A Bradford gander" trying to highlight some of the positive things in I've found in Bradford.

What this is not about is politics, demographic splits, crime rates, football or anything like that.

My goal is to explore my home town, find places I might have never been, talk with other folks from Bradford with inspiring stories and positive experiences to share about the city.

Maybe you have something you might want to tell or maybe you wouldn't mind appearing in an interview in the film, be that in person or via Skype etc, I would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with me at or DM me on Instagram and Twitter.

If anyone knows of any places in or around Bradford (Must have a BD postcode!) that are either really interesting because of the history, not well known but have something interesting about them or just plain awesome etc. If you know any people with great stories involving Bradford too I would be really interested in talking to you.

Can you help?

Yes! Like I mentioned earlier I would love to talk to anyone from Bradford. You don't have to know anywhere spectacular you might just have some stories or knowledge to share that I might be able to us in the film. That would be great. If you have any pictures or video that you would be happy for me to maybe use that would be a great help too. Maps and interesting local knowledge would grand. Maybe you like to shoot video too (likely better than me I'm a fish out of water at this point) I would be really interested in collaborating with you on bits and pieces in putting this together. The other thing that would be really great is if you want to talk about it on social media you use the hashtag #ABradfordGander and point anyone to this page as the main resource for how I'm getting on with it.  Thanks all!

I've no intention of trying to make money from this project in any way at all its a labour of love to do something positive for the city!