Here we are then at the edge again. Waiting patiently, quietly as good caring citizens should for our government to protect us from ourselves. Protect us from our right to make informed decisions of what we content we might want to view.

I am of course talking about the impending blockage in the UK of pornographic content on the web. ISP’s are been forced to block any websites that don’t comply with get somewhere between a £250,000 fine or up to 5% of their annual turnover. This is still in flux at the time of writing which at this late hour in the process is totally insane. Whats more insane however is that the BBFC will be regulating what is defined as ‘adult content’ – read porn. Of course I want someone else to decide for me what I should see. We have to protect the children right?

Isn’t that what is been used as one of the major drivers for this censorship? For stripping us of even more of our rights? We have to protect the children, its our responsibility to make sure that they don’t see porn. Stop and thinking a second though… isn’t that the responsibility of the childs parents? Maybe if they stopped sharing pictures of dogs and cats and posting drivel on social media they would have to spend some time doing their job. Maybe it was the porn they viewed one cold evening that lead to little Jimmy getting conceived and society having to protect him.

Think about this though. The Digital Economy Act gives our government the power to block websites en-masse without court orders. Yet we live in a democracy. If you don’t see whats happening here maybe you should step away from your TV, put down your phone and instead of reading what you 317 ‘friends’ are having for tea look at what is happening to us. Sure porn is the first step, its bad for us. It’s bad for our children. In a couple of years it will be violent video games that are bad again and we can ban those easily online now. What about posts like this, having an opinion that is different to their plan, that speaks out. The freedom to share thoughts – thats dangerous we don’t want the kids getting indoctrinated. Lets quietly ban those kinds of things too.

Is it really this bad? Yes it is. Is there anything you can do? Yes of course there is. Make yourself aware, put your phone down read what gets put out there while you still have that liberty. Understand that you can make a difference. In a world of mind numbing social noise helping quiet the continual culling of our civil liberties be a voice shouting as loud as you can to not let this happen. Do you want to be told what you should be allowed to see. Do you want to give your details to someone else when you want to look at porn? Who could get access to that? Could it be used against you? Information is totally safe online right? Hacks never happen.

Privacy is a right don’t let them take anything else away from us.  You will thought wont you. But thats ok so long as you can see pictures of pugs and watch another bunch of z list celebrities eat a bug on an island someone you’re happy to sit on your sofa give drink wine and ignore it all.

After all we have to protect the children right?

It’s here, the movie that seemingly everyone as been waiting for since it was announced. Black Panther, the latest and some say greatest edition to the MCU. Is it though? Don’t worry about carrying on reading I wont be going in to spoiler territory if you have yet to see the movie.

I’m going to let the Black Panther out of the bag (sorry I couldn’t resist that one!) and just say off the bat that for me it wasn’t the greatest movie in the MCU and I don’t really understand why the majority of people talking about it seem to think it is?  It’s by no means a bad film in fact I more than enjoyed it I really had a good time watching it. It did nothing wrong at all. Sure some of the fight scenes suffered in the same way the Nolan Batman movies did felt a little too jerky and disjointed and some of the CGI was a little suspect in places but thats pretty much all he negatives I had.

The only other negative for me was the villain. He just annoyed me, unlike some of the other villains in other MCU films I didn’t find anything remotely interesting in him. Maybe he needed some more development to really live up to the potential that he clearly had.

So why don’t I think it deserves all the praise it’s getting? Well to be blunt it’s just average in pretty much every way, and it seems a lot of people wont say that because of the surrounding hype of this been the first lead black super hero movie. I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying as a movie its got some issues like every other movie and just because it is a predominately black cast it not been a raciest attack.

For me Black Panther is in the top 5 MCU movies to date, Chadwick Boseman is a great Black Panther / T’Challa of that there is no doubt. The cast I thought was great (with the exception of Michael B. Jordon whom I felt was the weakest part of the movie) it was really well directed by Ryan Coogler but it just didn’t excel in any way for me. It was almost like a well rounded meal, it had all the things you wanted and you enjoyed it while it lasted and you’re satisfied but you really wouldn’t be bothered if you didn’t eat it again.

I felt I had seen a lot of it before in the original Iron-Man movie it was almost as if it was trying to capture the same tone that movie had which for me doesn’t seem necessary. Again though its not bad by any means.

No doubt we will see a sequel and with it and further development of the character in the Avengers films we will be seeing more depth to the character as he carves out his own niche in the larger MCU outside Wakanada.

Certainly one to go see, but don’t feel bad about not thinking its as good as the mainstream media say. I don’t think anyone would be missing the point if you think its good but not the most amazing movie ever.

Until next time fellow nerds, live long and prosper.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of arguably one of the most popular gaming franchises in history Street Fighter. Forget Mario and his mushrooms even Pac-Man and his dots, for me  the last three decades have been filled with cries of ‘Hadouken’ and ‘Shoryuken’. Street Fighter is not just another beat-em-up it’s the daddy of them all. Ok so maybe I’m a little enthusiastic.  Street Fighter wasn’t that great though it did introduce the now standard 6 buttons layout (second revision after the pressure sensitive punch kick version) and  the notion of special moves.

Street Fighter 2 is where it all started for me really. Back in the summer of 92’ in the arcades of the Mablethorpe and Skegness. Captivated by those huge screened sit down cabinets, it swallowed coin after coin. Spending those weekends and breaks with my family in our holiday home in Mablethrope I couldn’t wait to get back there. I would feverishly read anything I could get my hands on do with StreetFighter – something that holds true to this day. This was pre internet so it was the likes of EGM and other import mags where I would find strategies and moves lists. Nights spent in bed reading lit by a timid dying torch I was memorising moves for every character.

Of course I wasn’t any good.  Just a kid without any real appreciation of what I was doing. Then something happened and I didn’t quite understand. While other kids started to worry about what was going on with their bodies as they approached puberty, I discovered combo’s! What was going on, this wasn’t pure and simple move after move any more. If you timed things just right you could interrupt one move with another move and your opponent could not block! This was for me at least a revelation a whole new layer of complexity to consider. Suddenly know every single move in the game was not enough for me. There was something more to learn a higher level to strive to master.

By now super Street Fighter 2 Turbo had arrived on the the scene. I had been playing for a couple of years and the home versions on the Megadrive and SNES had just come out. To say I was obsessed at this point would be a understatement I remember evening going so far as making a joystick and button layout that with a pencil and some 2p coins and card so I could practice when I was at home for when I went to the arcade. I would spend hours figuring out combos on the console only to then practice doing the equivalent on my fake joystick.

I don’t recall up until this day throwing myself in to a game as much as I did then.  As the years passed other versions came and went and I played them all. Never putting the same level of effort in that I did with SF2 even through the Alpha series and the multitude of cross over games.  I built a l little on the foundation I had built all those years ago never really pushing myself and embracing the deeper mechanic of the game.

Maybe it was age, of course at some point we all loose interest in what we promised ourselves as children we would love forever. Occasionally however we find that love again. Like seeing that one partner that you never thought you would see again across a crowded room in a strange city years after you said your good byes. Only when you meet you rediscover what you loved in each other, that attraction, the intoxication of discovery. That is where I am right now. I came back to StreetFighter with V only to be a little underwhelmed, it was instantly familiar more so than any of the other games since the original SF2 but still there was something that wasn’t there. Then just before Christmas of 2017 something happened that brought everything back. My fighting spirit was awakened again, the thirst learn to fight to play.

Out of the blue I found the literal Ken to my Ryu. After 3 decades someone of my generation whom wanted to play. After a few matches we  found we were equally matched in pretty much every respect. Echoing again the camaraderie of the two friends pushing each other to do better we have been playing since. Each pushing the other to learn more practice harder understand more fully.

Now with the latest releasee of StreetFighter V out for all to play Arcade Edition brings a whole new zen like balance (to some of match ups at least) to game and a whole slew of new things to learn. Having a rival that I can play against on a regular basis really is helping me strive to be better. Even now approaching I recently playing in a local tournament taking 4th place encouraging to continue to learn the game more intimately.

Previously I played on a somewhat casual level. Getting back on board with the game just before this latest patch and in time for season 3 to kick off really is a fantastic time for anyone wanting to play to start. Sure the initial learning curve can be intimidating however the reward is high. The level of play is certainly increasing as more people that drifted away maybe even back to the almost ten year old SF4 are starting to come back. With frame data being so easy to come by now without buying fast dates hard copy books and the rise of youtube the opportunity to learn the game to a VHL is one that any StreetFighter fan should embrace.

Classic characters like Ryu and Chun-Li are much stronger in Arcade Edition, season three is shaping up to be hugely interesting with the release of DLC characters from previous games as well as totally new to the franchise fighters bringing that dash of variety back to those that might be getting a little jaded. The professional side of the game is also getting a boost, with eSport certification and a slew of both pro and casual tournaments already arranged for 2018 in the UK its looking set to be a great year for StreetFighter.

I can’t sing it’s praises enough – SFV:AE is the prefect balance of casual fun for the every man with enough depth in it’s often noted simplistic game play to still IMHO reign as king of the hill of fighting games. In a world full of Tekken’s and OTT cell shaded fighters there is a lot to be said about having something as pure and raw as Street Fighter back on top.

There will still be those that hate it sure there are things I guess we all miss from the past games (Alpha counters or Parries for every one!) just give V a go before heading back to the king of iron fist.

See you in the Streets! HADOUKEN!

It’s been a few months now, I think I’m able to talk about it something of a rational manner without sounding too harsh and unfair to the creators behind it. Fairness is one of those words though that in this case certainly from me is not applicable here.

Justice League is nothing sort of a train wreck.  From the opening moments to the now obligatory after credit scene it’s not just bad its not even watchable. Since it’s release and against my better judgement I’ve subjected myself to it thrice. Why you ask? Good question. The simple answer is I didn’t want to make any rash assumptions about the Justice League. As it turns out my initial reaction was correct for the most part.

Ok ok so was it that bad? In short yes. The one positive was Ezra Miller as Flash, he owned the role, unfortunately fo him his exuberance and excitement for the role was totally lost amidst the rest of the cast. I genuinely did feel sorry for him as he came across as enjoying the role, the design of the Flash was cool looking and the effects of the speed force were far and away the best in the movie.  There we are then the single good point about this movie, the only good SFX and acting.

So then the bad. Oh my well where to start? Dreadful to say the least. I have seen some really bad movies in my life, this is the worse. Yes that bad. Coming from me an avid fan of superheroes since childhood, a huge fan of Batman in almost any form, this is as bad as it can be.

Batman vs Superman now with hindsight and another couple of viewings under my best is a comparative master piece. Hell Suicide squad is better than this by several orders of magnitude. Why then do I fined it so bad? What is it that reeks so much of shit?

The DCU is not a thing that’s what. Marvel spent a decade weaving a narrative arc that knits the various properties that make up the MCU together. It was a slow deliberate journey with a clear starting point (IronMan) where threads from one film pulled through the others. Sure it’s not perfect and there are some inconsistencies but it was planned to be a universe that was populated by a number of character. What’s more is that Marvel for better or worse had a story that was perfect to give all these characters a reason to be in the same Universe fighting the same foe. Infinity Gauntlet was the perfect vehicle for this, an adaptable preexistting story that was already loved by fans that could be easily adapted for the MCU as an over arching thread whilst still giving each individual property scope for their own stories.

DC seemingly loved the idea and rather than spending a decade building up to an amazing event like Flashpoint (yeah I know it would have been perfect right!) they saw the model used in the MCU and seemingly thought lets just throw all these dudes in a few movies and save 8 years no one will notice!

Wrong! DC no just no, you could not be more wrong. Obviously you didn’t learn from the below average BvS or the abysmal Suicide Squad (Other than Joker and Harley whom both totally owned the movie). You need actors that are invested in the characters, stories that engage the audience, that excite us and make us want to see the movies. Aquaman “Ahh yah!” nuff said…

But what about Wonder Woman that was a good movie I hear you saying. Well to be fair by this point DC had not set the bar very high had they? Could it have been worse than Suicide Squad? Not really so it was almost artificially good (better than bad at least?). Other than having a story that just works for a stared universe like Marvel have the other thing DC (and the studios making them) need to understand is DO NOT INTERFERE with the vision of the director. Keep adding in more and more just because other movies are successful and you end up with the cinematic version of feature creep we see in software dev. Studio exec much like senior management are rarely right when talking about knowing what their audience want. Instead they are blinded by profit.

Profit though is what it’s all about isn’t it. More spectacle more money at the box office. So long as it make back the production cost and march gets sold well its a success isn’t it. Only for those that dont care. Movies for the masses, sfx and huge stars from other movies that have use sfx budgets. MORE shots more action totally what we want?

Is the story of the film any good? Alas not the villain is so obscure I had to google who the hell he is. Yes there is a relationship to Darksied but wow come on you have better villains than that. Doomsday? Oh wait you already used that failed mess of CGI in BvS my bad. I’m sorry I can’t go on. Nothing about this film other than the afore mentioned Ezra Miller deserves any sort of praise. Watch something else anything else rather than this. Coming from a comic book fan saying that kills me, but what we see on the screen are not those iconic characters brought to life I’m afraid. At best it’s an half arsed actor in a bad suite and at worse it’s CGI done by what I can only assume was the work experience kid.

Shame on your DC, who would have thought you could fuck up worse than Green Lantern. Turns out you have managed to fuck up three times since then and manage to fuck up to a greater degree with each failed attempt. No wonder Whedon didn’t want to be associated with it!. #Burnt.

It’s been a while since I tried to write anything really. So here goes.

Standing on the precipice 2017 ready to post as soon as the clock ticks twelve I’m nervous that like last time I tried this I will give up again after a few weeks.

Wind back that clock 15 years and I was writing a lot. Really A LOT very angry pointless drivel that yes got a lot of attention and links but was really nothing more than me putting out there to the world how unhappy and in need of help I was. Fast forward to 2010 and I tried again to renew keeping something of a public journal but far from it been the right time is was the worse time I could imagine for me to try and do anything positive. I was almost at the lowest point I had ever been. I had done some stupid things and tried to do something even worse and I would urge anyone else that is feeling like that to seek help.

I had a guardian angel a friend closer than family that helped me and pulled me back from dark and did everything he could to help and support me through the hardest part of my life. Through the changes I had no choice but to make for my own and other peoples good, to the crap and hate I put his way for trying to help me when I wanted nothing other than to be hated he never gave up on me. He saw something in me I didn’t see in myself and since then, since before then since we were kids together has been an inspiration to me to try harder and not fall.

If you have had a poke around, or you have found this it’s from Instagram or Twitter maybe you have seen another side of me. I love to create things, to do stuff with things. Last year, 2017 I really remembered that. Through finally understanding that I don’t have to do things I don’t want just to progress professionally I rediscovered my passion for wanting to put things out there in to the world.

I love to draw and paint. Obviously I love to write code though not really part of my day job any more I still love to learn and keep informed. I want to write more say things how I see them. One of the things I regret from the younger Wayne blogging was how unfiltered and single point of view I was. That is something I want to change in my writing, my art and anything else I put out there now. Though I have strong views on a lot of things and yes I’m sure my nerd rage will show on some less important topics (The Justice League movie for example when I write that post!) I’m going to try and be more balanced in my argument and less confrontational. We all have our points of view.

Understanding that others can have a counter point to my own is integral to finding that balance in life I want the grey between the black and white. So long as I have understand someone articulating their point of view or opinion I can try and understand them more. I will try this year as I always have to continue to give reasoning behind what I say and do. Never is ‘Just because’ a valid reason to me. Should I ever be lucky enough to have a child that is something I will try teach them above anything else, its the one thing I cling on to. Even now when I feel down and when there are all these things going on in my head I can’t talk about to anyone else. So long as I can give myself a reason it’s all ok.

With that then this is going to be my first post of 2018. I don’t know what’s going to happen over the next year or if I am going to keep up a regular schedule but I am certainly going to be trying my best to keep it up.

Happy new year everyone!