One of the things I enjoyed most about 2017  was my discovery of Inktober sometime around the end of September. If you have not come across the idea of Inktober before much like myself not so long ago, worry not and allow me to explain. So Inktober was an idea formed by a chap called Jake Parker, basic gist is there is a list of words published one per day for the month of October and artists around the world use those words as a prompt to draw something everyday for the entire month. Thats it! Simple.  2017 was my first Inktober and oh my how I enjoyed it.  Though I did miss the final few days it was one of things that really kept me going and helped me stay focused on the all the positive things in life when there was so much darkness going on in my head and around the world in general.

Well since it helped me so much I thought I would try and take it a step further and challenge myself to do a doodle a day for a full 365 days. For all of 2018 I’m going to post one picture a day that is prompted by this word list I pulled off the web.

To make it a little more manageable I’ve given myself some criteria to work within, rules you might say.  If you want to give it a go yourself feel free to change things up to suit yourself but for me I’m going to abide by the following. Additionally I’m not only using the experience to hopefully progress as an artist, experiment with different styles I would not normally try for fear of making a mark on paper with something I wasn’t sure about (You know the fear!).  Further I am using it as an opportunity to learn more fully Procreate 4 on iOS and become more proficient at digital drawing/painting with the Apple pencil and iPad Pro.

The rules then are as follows.

  1. 1:1 size.  2048×2048 pixels making them Instagram friendly.
  2. No more than 30 mins per doodle.
  3. I must post whatever I have regardless of if I am happy with it or not after 30 mins.
  4. I will not be hard on myself and I will enjoy it.
  5. No changing the prompt list if I don’t like a word!
  6. The word list

That’s it pretty simple huh?! If you want to following me and see what I end up and how far I make it in to the year then feel free to head on over to my Instagram or Twitter accounts where I will post them without you needing to come pack here.  I’ll be using the hashtag #365WayneyDoodles on all of them to make it easy to find them. If you try something similar let me know I would love to see what others are up to.