It’s here, the movie that seemingly everyone has been waiting for since it was announced. Black Panther, the latest and some say the greatest addition to the MCU. Is it though? Don’t worry about carrying on reading I won't be going into spoiler territory if you have yet to see the movie.

I’m going to let the Black Panther out of the bag (sorry I couldn’t resist that one!) and just say off the bat that for me it wasn’t the most excellent movie in the MCU and I don’t really understand why the majority of people talking about it seem to think it is?  It’s by no means a bad film, in fact, I more than enjoyed it I really had a good time watching it. It did nothing wrong at all. Sure some of the fight scenes suffered in the same way the Nolan Batman movies did felt a little too jerky and disjointed, and some of the CGI was a little suspect in places, but that's pretty much all the negatives I had.

The only other negative for me was the villain. He just annoyed me, unlike some of the other villains in other MCU films I didn’t find anything remotely interesting in him. Maybe he needed some more development to really live up to the potential that he apparently had.

So why don’t I think it deserves all the praise it’s getting? Well, to be blunt it’s just average in pretty much every way, and it seems a lot of people won't say that because of the surrounding hype of this been the first lead black superhero movie. I don’t think there is anything wrong with however as a movie it got some issues like every other movie and just because it is a predominately black cast it not been a racist attack.

For me Black Panther is in the top 5 MCU movies to date, Chadwick Boseman is a great Black Panther / T’Challa of that there is no doubt. The cast I thought was great (except Michael B. Jordon whom I felt was the weakest part of the movie) it was really well directed by Ryan Coogler, but it just didn’t excel in any way for me. It was almost like a well-rounded meal, it had all the things you wanted, and you enjoyed it while it lasted, and you’re satisfied, but you really wouldn’t be bothered if you didn’t eat it again.

I felt I had seen a lot of it before in the original Iron-Man movie it was almost as if it was trying to capture the same tone that film had which for me doesn’t seem necessary. Again though it's not bad by any means.

No doubt we will see a sequel and with it and further development of the character in the Avengers films we will be seeing more depth to the role as he carves out his own niche in the larger MCU outside Wakanda.

Indeed, one to go see, but don’t feel wrong about not thinking its as good as the mainstream media say. I don’t think anyone would be missing the point if you think its good but not the most fantastic movie ever.

Until next time fellow nerds, live long and prosper.