It’s been a few months now, I think I’m able to talk about it something of a rational manner without sounding too harsh and unfair to the creators behind it. Fairness is one of those words though that in this case certainly from me is not applicable here.

Justice League is nothing sort of a train wreck.  From the opening moments to the now obligatory after credit scene it’s not just bad it's not even watchable. Since its release and against my better judgement I’ve subjected myself to it thrice. Why you ask? Good question. The simple answer is I didn’t want to make any rash assumptions about the Justice League. As it turns out my initial reaction was correct for the most part.

Ok ok so was it that bad? In short yes. The one positive was Ezra Miller as Flash, he owned the role, unfortunately, for him, his exuberance and excitement for the role were totally lost amidst the rest of the cast. I genuinely did feel sorry for him as he came across as enjoying the role, the design of the Flash was cool looking and the effects of the speed force were far and away the best in the movie.  There we are then the single good point about this movie, the only good SFX and acting.

So then the bad. Oh my well where to start? Dreadful to say the least. I have seen some really bad movies in my life, this is the worse. Yes, that bad. Coming from me an avid fan of superheroes since childhood, a huge fan of Batman in almost any form, this is as bad as it can be.

Batman vs Superman now with hindsight and another couple of viewings under my best is a comparative masterpiece. Hell Suicide squad is better than this by several orders of magnitude. Why then do I find it so bad? What is it that reeks so much of shit?

The DCU is not a thing that’s what. Marvel spent a decade weaving a narrative arc that knits the various properties that make up the MCU together. It was a slow deliberate journey with a clear starting point (IronMan) where threads from one film pulled through the others. Sure it’s not perfect and there are some inconsistencies but it was planned to be a universe that was populated by a number of character. What’s more is that Marvel for better or worse had a story that was perfect to give all these characters a reason to be in the same Universe fighting the same foe. Infinity Gauntlet was the perfect vehicle for this, an adaptable pre-existing story that was already loved by fans that could be easily adapted for the MCU as an overarching thread whilst still giving each individual property scope for their own stories.

DC seemingly loved the idea and rather than spending a decade building up to an amazing event like Flashpoint (yeah I know it would have been perfect right!) they saw the model used in the MCU and seemingly thought lets just throw all these dudes in a few movies and save 8 years no one will notice!

Wrong! DC no just no, you could not be more wrong. Obviously, you didn’t learn from the below average BvS or the abysmal Suicide Squad (Other than Joker and Harley whom both totally owned the movie). You need actors that are invested in the characters, stories that engage the audience, that excite us and make us want to see the movies. Aquaman “Ahh yah!” nuff said…

But what about Wonder Woman that was a good movie I hear you saying. Well to be fair by this point DC had not set the bar very high had they? Could it have been worse than Suicide Squad? Not really so it was almost artificially good (better than bad at least?). Other than having a story that just works for a shared universe like Marvel have the other thing DC (and the studios making them) need to understand is DO NOT INTERFERE with the vision of the director. Keep adding in more and more just because other movies are successful and you end up with the cinematic version of feature creep we see in software dev. Studio exec much like senior management are rarely right when talking about knowing what their audience wants. Instead, they are blinded by profit.

Profit though is what it’s all about isn’t it. More spectacle more money at the box office. So long as it makes back the production cost and march gets sold well its a success isn’t it. Only for those that don't care. Movies for the masses, sfx and huge stars from other movies that have use sfx budgets. MORE shots more action totally what we want?

Is the story of the film any good? Alas, not the villain is so obscure I had to google who the hell he is. Yes, there is a relationship to Darkseid but wow come on you have better villains than that. Doomsday? Oh, wait you already used that failed mess of CGI in BvS my bad. I’m sorry I can’t go on. Nothing about this film other than the aforementioned Ezra Miller deserves any sort of praise. Watch something else anything else rather than this. Coming from a comic book fan saying that kills me, but what we see on the screen are not those iconic characters brought to life I’m afraid. At best it’s a half-arsed actor in a bad suite and at worse it’s CGI done by what I can only assume was the work experience kid.

Shame on your DC, who would have thought you could fuck up worse than Green Lantern. Turns out you have managed to fuck up three times since then and manage to fuck up to a greater degree with each failed attempt. No wonder Whedon didn’t want to be associated with it!. #Burnt.