The final part of my first series is here. In this one, I go into detail on the what part of 'What' part of the trilogy of questions that prompted me to start on this journey into filmmaking.

If you have not watched the first two, I strongly recommend you do so before getting into this one. Both are only a few mins each so head over to Part 1 and Part2 before watching this.

One question I have been asked for a few people that have already seen this last part is what am I going to do now while I am working on filming and editing 'A Bradford Gander'. That is indeed both valid and good a question. Of course, I plan on carrying on to make vlogs. Of those, some will be directly related to the project itself and others will be more focusing on my thoughts and observations on things. I have the idea for a second film. I had initially planned on making two separate documentaries this year. However with hindsight that may be more ambitious than I thought, so one thing I am considering is doing a series of interviews. I'm very interested in how social media and the internet has shaped how small businesses and the impact of things such as social media has changed the competitive landscape for example with tattoo artists or photographers. That may be something I explore while working on A Bradford Gander.

For sure I will be making the obligatory equipment videos and also a video exploring my dive into building a workflow for producing vlogs and from there my first attempt at a documentary. I hope that enough folk will see it that I get some good feedback on tweaks to my process I can make to become a more efficient filmmaker.

In short, though I will be keeping busy thats for sure. I don't want to cast my net too wide and get carried away. Right now I want to keep the channel following my exploration into this field, but there are endless possibilities!

I would love to hear any ideas from folk that have suggestions for videos you might want to see. Drop me a message or sound off in the comments. I do read any comments and appreciate the time people spend watching the stuff I put together.

So then without further delay here's the last part of my introduction and be sure to subscribe to my channel and check back on the blog for updates on how things are progressing.

Find our more abour A Bradford Gander over on this page. I'll keep it updated over the next year as I work on the project.