To kick off the start of this years project, I thought I would do a series of short videos introducing myself a little more formally. I realised there is not much about me personally on my channel. I've aimed to rectify that and give a quick to the point introduction to the sort of person I am.

I found it hard talking about yourself in such a manner. I didn't want to be another talking head video, but ultimately that's how it ended up. I did record the videos from multiple angles alas my current experience level with a recording setup like this left something of a disparity when I tried to edit them together.

Rather than trying to force things in just for the sake of it I went with a simple to the point and hopefully engaging short introduction to who I am. Of course, like anyone, there is more to me that what can come across in a few short vlogs. I hope that anyone that is interested in finding a little more about me, my motivations and my goals for the year will have a better picture of me from the videos.

Part two will be posted on my youtube channel on later on this week on either Thursday or Friday. If you have not already seen the first one I'm talking about in this post give it a watch below. I would much appreciate a 'thumbs up', and a 'subscribe' to the channel if you are interestest in following along as I work on my 2019 project.

Over the next videos, I'll be talking about the driver behind me taking on these year-long projects and also what this year's plan is.