As hard as it was to talk about myself in the previous video, it was orders of magnitude harder to talk about what drove me to start on this path in this video. Talking about mental health is still something where there stigma about it. Depression like any mental health issue is one that touches a lot of us, not discriminating against who it affects.

Talking opening about it in this video was something I felt I had to do. I want to be transparent with people, and I don't think that previously I have managed to do that. Despite me not trying to hide away the fact I have suffered from depression for almost ten years now, it's never been a fact I have been keen to offer up voluntarily and certainly not one that I would have previously had to the confidence to admit in such an open manner. It helped me feel better about myself been open about it in the long run, but it was and still is not the most comfortable thing to admit openly.

The main point in this second video in the series is to give people some real context to why I have chosen to provide myself with these challenges. Maybe even to inspire others that have had mental illness an option that may not have occurred to them in how to make something positive from a negative situation (That's it what felt to me in my own experience at least)

Now you know more about me it's a nice lead into the third and final of these short introduction pieces, and we can get on to the good fun stuff.  The making of this documentrary!

In closing, if you are having experiencing any issues similar to those I have described in this video or you are interested in finding out more about mental health to support someone you know below are a few links that may help you feel a little less alone.