Wil Wheaton said it before me but he said it so eloquently and simply I can’t help but repeat it verbatim. I am just a geek.

Living on the edge of forty year on this little big planet called Earth (616). I hail from the depths of West Yorkshire where I still live and likely will for the remainder of my days.  Opportunities come and go and for som reason I find myself unable to leave the bosom of Yorkshire. I suppose you can take the man out of Yorkshire but never the Yorkshire out of the man.

My life up until and including the present has been one of immersion in technology. I’ve always been fascinated by patterns and logic. Thusly it was a natural progression video games of the 80’s and from there to learning to code.

The rest as they say is history. I fell in love with buzz of making things seeing things work and the ability to create without restraint. Pursuing that dream to its end I went through the usual progression of qualifications, both academic and professional to the end of working for myself for almost fifteen years.

Eventually when faced with progression outside of what I loved I had the choice of carrying on working 24/7 or through a twist of fate going in to the public domain in the higher education sector. By now I had already had a breakdown and was suffering silently with stress, anxiety an depression – I went and did the sensible thing, the logical thing and moved towards stability and a nine to five.

Here I am now my journey not ended but just beginning. I have done a lot, some good some bad. I have learned things white, black and grey. Felt happy and harmonious at one and cantered like a Jedi and equally I have been fuelled by hate and anger and set down the path of the Sith.

Balance is what I see I am not there yet but I strive find that equilibrium.

Who am I? I’m just a geek… Hello who are you?