Building communities and effective cohesive teams is a difficult hard-fought process. Having a framework to motive and drive that team or community can help them succeed in fulfilling their potential.

Wayne can provide inspiring, diverse, engaging and content-rich presentations designed to not only motivate people but align exceptionally well with your goals,

With experience presenting both his own thoughts and on already established content. Presenting in both formal lecture style and in a more relaxed manner, Wayne delivers no fluff talks delivering real results.

Potential talk topics

I’m happy to tailor talks to your specific needs however my main area’s of interest are:


Building strong technical teams and organisation wide communities.


What innovation is and how to foster it in your organisations culture.

Burnout and mental health

Managing burnout and career fatigue. How to cope with the pressure of a technical role and look after your heatlh.

Cross culture working

Living life online, excitement and motivation in a mixed environment of geeks and normals.

Emerging technologies

When will the technology singularity happen? Maybe it already as. Where are we going and what does that mean for you?

Geek life

Understanding the pros and cons of living as a geek in the current climate. Pop culture and the all consuming internet.

These are just a sampling of things that interest Wayne if you have your own ideas and would like to discuss having him speak at your event or conference get in touch to schedule your booking.